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Do you operate a local Duncraig business?

Would you like a FREE business profile page on our site “Real Estate Duncraig”, to help promote and advertise your business to local residents?

This site is a free resource for people wanting to find local businesses to shop at, learn about community events, research schools and anything else they might want to know about or find in Duncraig.

There is no cost to you to have your business listed on this site – it’s free and always will be free – and as the site gets more & more popular in Google and we also start running Facebook ads to promote the site online, it will turn into free enquiries and customers for you. Ideally your business profile listing will tell people your contact details (phone number, email/website, address) and have an overview of the services/products you sell, as well as a few interesting facts or stories about your business.

In order for me to complete your profile page, I need some details about your business from you and also some photos I can add to the page. I have set up a form (see below) that you can use to submit information to be included in your profile page. All you need to do is answer the questions on the page. Some of them are required, while others are optional. It’s your choice to answer the optional ones or not.

You can also upload up to 5 images I will include on your profile page, I recommend one of those images is your business logo, which we will add to the page. Once you submit your information, I will add it to the site and send you a link to take a look at it. I will make any final tweaks you want at that stage, and then push the page live on the web for everyone else to see.

That also means the page will end up in Google and I’ll also post about it on my “Real Estate Duncraig” Facebook page, which means more & more people will be able to find your business online.

All I ask in return is, once your profile page is finished and live on my site, that you add a link to it from your website (if you have your own website) and share just that specific page on your business Facebook page. The link can be on any page of your site – perhaps your “About Us” page(?)

If you have any questions just contact me:

Profile Your Local Business

  • NOTE: Fields with a * next to them MUST be completed. Every other field is optional.

  • What is the publicly known name of your business?
  • What is your street address?
  • If you do not provide a publically advertised landline number, provide your contact mobile number in the next field instead.
  • If you have a Mobile number you wish to share, please enter it here.
  • If you have a fax number you wish to share, please enter it here.
  • If you have a website, please enter the address here. NOTE: You will need to include the http:// before your site address to successfully submit this form.
  • If you have a Business Page on Facebook, please enter the web address of your page here.
  • If you wish to share a general email address for the public to contact you, please enter it here.
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  • If you operate a retail or office presence, can customers come to visit you?
  • Please indicate if you go out to visit customers (this can include delivery of your goods as an option)?
  • Enter the name of the primary business owner here. If there is more than 1 person, seperate their names with a comma.
  • Enter basic details of the products and/or services you sell here. If there are more than one, please separate with a comma. You don't need to enter every make and model - just a high-level overview (ex: General dentistry, teeth whitening, Dental implants, Crowns, etc.)
  • What year did your business open?
  • Please indicate how many staff you have working for your business.
  • To add an element of fun and personality to your profile, please share 1 or 2 fun facts about your business or individual staff members. Nothing inappropriate (this is a family-friendly website) but just something that you think might make readers smile or laugh when they read it.
  • What kinds of clients are best suited to working with you? The idea here is to help readers better understand whether your business is right for their needs and circumstances. (Ex: We mainly work with home owners who want their garden and lawn kept tidy and looking fabulous, and don't have the time to do this themselves)
  • Please indicate what hours you are open for each day. On days you are not open, just enter Closed.
  • If you have parking available for visiting clients, please indicate how many bays, on premises or street parking, etc. If you don't have clients visiting you (perhaps you work from home or only deal with clients via phone, skype & email), then enter that information instead.)
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  • If you offer delivery of your product/s, please provide some basic details here.
  • If you wish to encourage people to contact your business, do you have a special offer or deal they can get by mentioning that they found you on our website? If so, please enter the details below. Note: Please be specific about any terms & conditions that apply.
  • Please upload up to 5 photos of your business that we can include on your profile page. This should (ideally) include an external photo of your premises, staff group photo, primary product or service related images. Please ensure 1 photo is of your business logo. A maximum file size of 2MB applies, and only jpg, png or gif image formats are allowed.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, Max. file size: 2 MB, Max. files: 5.
    • Please use this space to include any other information you want potential clients to know about you. Awards won, high profile clients, relevant industry certifications, on-site facilities, etc.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.